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RL-Y600 liquid/paste automatic packaging equipment

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I. Overview:

Widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry such as: bean paste, lotus filling, fish filling, fruit filling, melon filling, water jam, peanut butter, chili sauce, salad dressing, cheese, soy sauce, liquor, peanut oil, mineral water, Automatic quantitative packaging of fluids and semi-fluids such as chemical liquids and non-food detergents and greases.

The packaging machine can pack a variety of materials. The length of the bag can be adjusted. When a variety of packaging specifications are to be packaged and the bag width is irregular, multiple sets of different packaging specifications can be configured according to the packaging specifications and weight of the bag. The packaging machine can also be equipped with different material conveying pumps, which are especially suitable for automatic quantitative filling and packaging of objects under high temperature conditions, which can effectively improve production efficiency and avoid secondary pollution caused by bacterial invasion. It can be equipped with our cooling water tanks, cooling equipment, plastic blower, feeding machine, conveyor belt and other assembly line equipment for production, saving production time and improving overall production efficiency.

Second, the performance characteristics:

1. The function of the machine: fluid, semi-fluid conveying, bag forming, weight adjustment, vacuum sealing, cutting, counting and other functions.

2. The appearance and molding part of the whole machine are made of stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic and meets food hygiene standards.

3. The computer operating system adopts imported color touch screen control, digital humanized management, and has many advanced functions such as lack of material, lack of package material, automatic shutdown and timely alarm, which makes the operation simpler and more convenient for maintenance.

4. The control part adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC programming control, and the performance is stable and reliable, with self-checking prompt function.

5. The conveying pipe adopts imported 316 mirror tube to ensure smooth and stable filling. The pipe connection adopts a quick-installing joint, which is quick and easy to disassemble and is convenient for cleaning.

6, advanced control procedures after long-term testing, the package weight error can reach up to six thousandths, far below the national standard of weight error.

7. The feeding pump can be selected from the original US imported or domestic 316 stainless steel pump. It is durable and has high standard pressure. It is especially suitable for the transportation of high viscosity materials.

8. The electrical components adopt international brand products, the quality is reliable, and it is convenient to purchase and replace by itself.

9. The piston pump filling system does not rotate or squeeze the filling material, does not damage the filling structure, does not cause discoloration of the filling material, and has no effect on the appearance of the mouthfeel.

10. The packaging capacity can reach more than 1.5 tons per hour, and the automatic filling and sealing is completed above 85 °C to avoid secondary pollution, improve work efficiency and reduce production cost.

11. A cleaning system is specially designed for the pipe characteristics, which is very convenient for cleaning the pipes.

Third, technical parameters:

Model RL-Y600I RL-Y600II

Bag width 100-250mm 100-290mm

Bag length 150-480mm 150-600mm

Film width 220-560mm 220-620mm

Packaging material Composite film (NY/PE, etc.)

Packing speed 4-10 packs/min (related to filling volume, material consistency, environmental conditions)

Packing capacity Max.5000cc Max.10000cc

Packing form

Power supply AC 380V 50Hz

Power 4.5KW

Gas source 0.6-0.8 Mpa .0.006m3/min

Dimensions L1350mm X W980mm X H 1980mm L1350mm X W1080mm X H2150mm

Weight 980Kg 1080kg

After-sales clause

Pre-sales advice

1. Provide appropriate advice and support for the update of your current production equipment;

2. Introduce the Runli products that you are interested in and make recommendations for your purchase plan;

3. To evaluate your current business model and production management, recommend a device that is most suitable for your company's production.

4. Please choose our sales manager according to your region, and professionally serve you.

Machine installation

For customers who purchase new machines, during the period of installation and commissioning training prescribed by our company, our company can arrange engineers (engineers' wages and factory-to-domestic airport expenses are borne by our company) to install machines and train machine operators for customers. The time is 8 hours a day; free warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance.

After sales service

Training of operators on the equipment sold:

(1) Train the normal operation procedures of the equipment.

(2) Training on the routine maintenance of equipment.

(3) Training on the introduction and solution of equipment after-sales service.

(4) Inform the equipment after-sales service content and contact information. Accessories supply guarantee: 1 year warranty period free spare parts supply, super warranty period lifetime accessories paid supply.

(5) National 24-hour after-sales hotline provides telephone consultation service Manager Xu: 0577-65558958, 153 8155 1588

(6) Equipment emergency fault video solution. (Requires user-supplied video system and equipment) Our technicians analyze video problems and call the customer's technicians to solve the problems encountered.

(7) Provide online FAQs

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