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Bag vacuum packaging machine

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Technical Parameters

Packaging material: composite material

Applicable objects: All kinds of pickles, dried tofu, fish, mustard, meat products, eggs, etc.

After-sales service: One year warranty

Dimensions: 2200*1600*2300 mm (excluding the hoist)

Applicable industries: pickles, snack foods, spicy food, food, food, daily chemicals, medicine,

Degree of automation: fully automatic

Packing type: bag

Model: RL-150ZK

Custom processing: Yes

Packing speed: 10-50 (bag / minute) (speed free product itself and the weight of the filler)

Function: Bag, coding, coding, metering, filling, vacuum, sealing, auxiliary

Voltage: 380 (V)

Material: Stainless steel

Bag range: width: 70-150mm; length: 100-220mm

Machine weight 1600KG

Compressed air consumption 1.0 m3 / min (compressed air is provided by the user)


The machine can automatically take the bag from the vacuum packaging bag by using the robot, automatically open it, automatically print the production date and batch number, automatically load the material, and automatically vacuum package, completely realize the unmanned operation, truly realize the automatic packaging, and the package bag has a long range of 100- 200, width 70-150, packaging efficiency 2000-3000 bags per hour, by changing the different loading structure, you can automatically package different materials, such as: can be equipped with liquid and paste quantitative filling system, liquid and paste Quantitative vacuum packaging, with multi-head weighing, can be vacuum-packed for powder and bulk materials. With automatic feeding machine, the block material can be weighed and vacuum-packed. The packaging machine is controlled by Siemens PLC of Germany. The interface uses German Siemens to monitor the whole machine. If there are abnormal conditions such as empty bags and no bags, the PLC can judge the abnormal situation, then output abnormal signals, and control the packaging machine to take corresponding measures to avoid wasting materials and packaging. bag.

Main performance and characteristics

1. Fully automatic bag-type vacuum packaging series can meet various functions and materials.

2. The rotary automatic bag-type vacuum packaging machine is composed of two separate rotary bodies (filling system and vacuum system respectively). The filling system is intermittent rotary operation, and the vacuum system is continuous rotary motion.

3. Quickly change the package specifications, the width of the automatic bag device can be automatically adjusted at one time.

4. In line with the hygiene standards of food processing machinery, the parts on the machine that come into contact with the materials or packaging bags are processed with stainless steel or other materials that meet the food hygiene requirements to ensure the hygiene and safety of the food.

5. Easy to clean, vacuum chamber can be cleaned

6. The loss of packaging material is low. The machine uses pre-made packaging bags, the packaging bag has perfect pattern and the sealing quality is good, thus improving the product grade. The bag can be recycled without undressing. The bag is not wasted.

7. Easy to operate, adopt advanced PLC plus POD (touch screen) electrical control system, friendly man-machine interface and convenient operation. The angle and time of the pneumatic components can be adjusted automatically.

8. Sealing temperature monitoring function, if the heating tube or the thermocouple is damaged, the alarm will be displayed on the touch screen.

9. Vacuum pump external

10. The gas source must be provided separately

After-sales clause

After-sales commitment

Thank you for choosing the quality products of Runli Machinery.

If you have any problems and malfunctions during the use of the bag-type packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine and related equipment of Runli Machinery, please call us and contact our sales manager Mr. Xu, who will be professional You answer and solve the problem. Provide customers with high quality and fast pre-sales and after-sales service. At the same time, all of our aftermarket parts are shipped within 24 hours.

Pre-sales advice

1. Provide appropriate advice and support for the update of your current production equipment;

2. Introduce the Runli products that you are interested in and make recommendations for your purchase plan;

3. To evaluate your current business model and production management, recommend a device that is most suitable for your company's production.

4. Please choose our sales manager according to your region, and professionally serve you.

Machine installation

For customers who purchase new machines, during the period of installation and commissioning training prescribed by our company, our company can arrange engineers (engineers' wages and factory-to-domestic airport expenses are borne by our company) to install machines and train machine operators for customers. The time is 8 hours a day; free warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance.

After sales service

Training of operators on the equipment sold:

(1) Train the normal operation procedures of the equipment.

(2) Training on the routine maintenance of equipment.

(3) Training on the introduction and solution of equipment after-sales service.

(4) Inform the equipment after-sales service content and contact information. Accessories supply guarantee: 1 year warranty period free spare parts supply, super warranty period lifetime accessories paid supply.

(5) National 24-hour after-sales hotline provides telephone consultation service Manager Xu: 0577-65558958, 153 8155 1588

(6) Equipment emergency fault video solution. (Requires user-supplied video system and equipment) Our technicians analyze video problems and call the customer's technicians to solve the problems encountered.

(7) Provide online FAQs

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